Town of Brigus

  It is said that the settlement was started in 1612 when the Spracklin family purchased half of the harbour from John Guy and it was included in the first Newfoundland census in 1675 with a population of 34. In 1697 and 1705 Brigus was captured and burned by the French but survived without any further incident to the end of the war in 1713. Brigus is the birthplace of Captain Robert A Bartlett a Master Mariner and Arctic Explorer, his monument at Bishops Beach is a major tourist attraction and his home "Hawthorne Cottage " has been declared a National Historic Site. The Town boasts a reconstructed Stone Barn Museum, using all the stone from the original stonehouse. It stands as a tribute to the Town's history.  The Tunnel through solid rock on the waterfront, built in 1860 under supervision of John Hoskins, a Cornish miner, provided a deep water berth for the Bartlett sailing ships. As you walk through our shaded, winding, ancient street take a step back in time and be reminded of an era long past, but not lost in our beautiful town. Stops along the way will let you our historic churches and view homes almost 200 years old. See the site of The Vindicator, where the Brigus newspaper was printed at the turn of the century, the Convent of Mercy (built in 1860) the Orange Lodge, and the Jubliee Club (now the library) which was the meeting place of the "merchant Princes of Brigus" from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's. Landfall (a registered heritage structure) is located in the hills to the north west of Brigus. The site of a military Battery protecting the entrance to the harbour, the home was built in the early 1800's by the Pomeroy family. For most of the 20th Century, it has been a studio for artists. The most famous of these, the American artist and illustrator, Rockwell Kent, took up residence during the First World War. His solitary lifestyle caused locals to become suspicious, and the Newfoundland Government deported him as a spy.   Visit the Town, relax, stroll the streets, admire the trees, visit craft shops, have afternoon tea, or stay for dinner at one of the restaurants, enjoy a weekend in one of the Towns guest houses which are among the finest on the Island, or our B and B's or the RV Park